Brian A. McMillan, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., EPC, DFP

Brian A. McMillan, is a Chartered Financial Consultant, Elder Planning Counsellor, principal and lead advisor of Team Approach Planning located in Collingwood.

Professional Experience

Brian has over 28 years of experience providing creative financial strategies assisting his clients to minimize tax, save for retirement and protecting their families. Brian has worked alongside of his business clients as a coach and mentor. He is committed to life-long learning and assisting his clients to find the right solution to their financial and estate planning concerns.

Collaborative Approaches to Financial Planning

Brian brings a collaborative approach to financial planning through his extended team of professional advisors (Accountants, Lawyers, Actuaries, Financial Specialists and a variety of Financial Planners with specific in-depth expertise). The end result: a Collaborative, unbiased approach satisfying all your financial and estate needs in one team. Brian works with your advisors too!

If you are looking for a team that cares more about you than your money Team Approach Planning is a great team with great results, focused on you and your family.

A planner by day and Artist by night! In 2001 after a life changing experience, Brian rekindled his love for watercolour painting. His hobby has been dedicated to raising money for mission and awareness. He sells his prints to raise money for outreach. To learn more, visit

Brian's daily goal is to “make a positive difference in someone else’s life every day.”